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Heil, Garbage Packers KANN, Garbage packers
Big Bite Rear Loader
Formula 4000 Rear Loader
Formula 5000 Rear Loader
Heil Ranger
Retriever Satellite RT6 and RT10
Retriever RT12 and RT14
Dura Pack Half/Pack Front Loader
Heil 7000 Split Body
Automated Side Loader
Front Loading Collection Full Eject

CoCollector Front Loading Two or Three Compartments with Individual Compactors

Front Loading Collection One or Two Compartments with Individual Compactors
Exclusive Dual Method Dual Side Semi-Automated Side Loader

Simple and Reliable Fully-Automated Side Loader

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Jim Hardee Equipment Company, Inc.
4220 Drane Field Road
Lakeland, FL 33811