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Roll-Off Hoists     Click here for specs

Right from the start, a Galbreath Roll-Off Hoist gives you more of what you buy a hoist for...less weight without sacrificing strength to increase your payload; the finest materials and componentry for product longevity; a commitment by highly skilled manufacturing professionals to build and deliver only the finest hoists in the industry.

For nearly a quarter of a century, the Galbreath Roll-Off Hoist series has been the number one choice of the waste and scrap hauler industry. They appreciate the superb engineering, built-in toughness and the operational ease of a Galbreath. A Galbreath will last longer because it's built better.

Galbreath leads the industry in innovation. We pioneered the 3-way, hydraulic filtering system that virtually eliminates contamination; spring loaded, front container safety locks and replaceable cast swivel cable ends. And for longer service life, there's our 3-point greaseable hinges with a free floating hinge pin. Galbreath originated the Legalizer to provide legal weight distribution while hauling maximum payloads. And, nobody offers more models and options for job specific applications than Galbreath. Offering painstaking dedication and unwavering commitment to the industry is a trademark at Galbreath.

No one offers more models with a wider variety of options than Galbreath. Whatever the need, whatever the answer...Galbreath can tailor a hauling system to enhance the profitability of any operation.

A Galbreath hoist will last longer -- virtually outlasts two or three truck chassis. And, because of leading edge technology, your Galbreath will remain new for years to come!

Engineered for long service life. The design of a Galbreath hoist begins in Galbreath's engineering department. A sophisticated CAD/CAM system aids engineers in the implementation of the latest advancements in product design. New advancements are quickly incorporated into the manufacturing process. Skilled manufacturing personnel move each hoist individually through the assembly process. At Galbreath, the word quality is given new meaning. Every hoist that comes off the line meets strict quality specifications. And, then it's initialed by the welder who assembled the hoist.

Roll-Off Hoist Features:

Hook Hoists     Click here for specs

Whether your needs are for cost-effective flexibility or heavy service applications, Galbreath has the right hook hoist to get the job done. Our RightHOOKTM Series offers economy and versitality by performing multiple functions such as dumping, spreading, transporting, flushing, hauling, recycling and cleaning. It utilizes the most advanced hooklift technology available today with standard features and options for specific job applications. And if it carries the Galbreath name you can be certain it's engineered and built for tough, long-lasting performance.

The RightHOOKTM Series is offered in single, tandem, and multi-axle configurations to match your specific applications. The single axle model is designed for smaller capacity usage needing cost-cutting efficiency and greater maneuverability. The tandem axle system is a heavy duty workhorse with one of the largest capacities in the industry. For regions that permit greater weight capacities, the multi-axle system is engineered for heavy service applications.

Whatever the job, Galbreath's RightHOOKTM container loading systems are always the right choice.

Hook Hoist Features

Additional Features

Hook-lift style and outside rail understructure is available as an option on all Galbreath containers.

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